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Travel Agent Myths…Exposed
Think you don't need a travel agent or can't afford one? Think again! Kathy Bos, of KB's Travel, busts some common misconceptions about travel agents and reveals why the honeymoon of your dreams is within reach.

Myth #1 - The Internet has made travel agents extinct.
This is simply not true! As professionals in the travel industry, travel agents continue to provide top-notch services to couples around the world. They're knowledgeable insiders on destinations and accommodations, and that expertise cannot be replaced by a web page. As for the Internet, it's changed most travel agents for the better! Since many agents are now able to work out of their home, that means better savings for you and more flexibility.

Myth # 2 – Travel agents charge a fee.
Did you know most travel agents don't charge fees? KB's Travel offers honeymoon planning services with absolutely no fees. What's more, many agencies will provide free additional services – like a honeymoon registry – that you can't get online.

Myth #3 – I'll get a better deal online.
Not necessarily. Because travel agents often have access to exclusive deals and tour rates, you can save big with the right agent. What's more, you can be sure that what you're buying is exactly what you're expecting – no surprises when you arrive. And if you do find a better deal somewhere else, let your agent know. They can likely match it.

Myth # 4 – I can't afford a travel agent.
As we've already covered, most agents don't charge fees and can often book you a better deal – saving you cash. But here are two additional ways a travel agent can trim your costs: First, many (like KB's Travel) maintain honeymoon registries so that guests can contribute to the cost of your special vacation. You can place items like plane tickets, massages, and suite upgrades on your wish list. Second, unlike when you book through an online discount site, travel agents don't always require full payment at the time of booking. That means you can make payments toward your honeymoon, helping you afford it without incurring credit card debt.

Myth #5 – I don't need a Travel Agent.
While you certainly can book your own honeymoon, should you? A travel agent brings years of experience and organization to all aspects of your travel planning. They know which hotels to book (and which not to book); they have access to the best travel routes; and they can arrange any tough connections or logistics for you. And the best part is, when you work with a travel agent, if something goes wrong you'll have someone to help you sort it out. We provide live help, as well as 24 hour a day phone help lines to make sure you're never stranded, missing a reservation, or staying somewhere that's not up to par. The value of that personal assistance cannot be overstated, especially if you're in an area where you don't know the language or the local customs.

Myth #6 – I'm not traveling far, a travel agent wouldn't help me.
Your travel agent can make your "mini-moon" or Staycation out of this world! Just because you're not booking a big flight, doesn't mean an agent can't help your reservation process go smoothly and better than if you did it on your own. Plus, travel agents often have great recommendations for hotels, spas, and restaurants that are off the beaten path. You just might discover a new corner of your favorite local hot spot!

Myth #7 – Travel agents only recommend the "usual" destinations.
Whether you already have the perfect spot in mind, or need recommendations on a location, travel agents can be your creative inspiration. They're experts in all kinds of destinations – from secluded beaches to hopping cities to wilderness experiences. And if you've been dreaming of seeing something special, like a Nascar race, but had no idea how to do it – a travel agent will have the inside scoop to bring that dream to life.

Myth #8 – Working with a travel agent isn't convenient.

Gone are the days of travel agents working just 9 to 5. With many agents working from their home offices or online, today's travel agent is more accessible than ever before. Not only is a travel agent available to meet you on your schedule, but they'll also be available to assist throughout your honeymoon in case you need last minute changes.

Myth #9 – My fiancé is planning the honeymoon; he'll handle it.
Traditionally the honeymoon is planned by the groom. But every groom needs a little help! Choose a Travel Agent together who can walk your guy through every detail of planning and help create memories that will last a lifetime.
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