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Imagine 12,000 miles of grasslands, forests, swamps, and woodlands teaming with wildlife! Yes, Africa has just about every zoo animal under the sun. Take it all in with an exclusive African Safari, that’s what Karie Whitman with KB’s Travel just did.

On a recent safari in Tanzania, Karie visited the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, a 3,202-square mile volcanic crater with wildlife a national park filled with thousands of wild animals roaming free. Days of travel included organized safaris, camping trips, and wildlife discoveries immersed with wild migrating wildebeests, elephants, giraffes, peacocks, lions, leopards, zebras, along with spectacular bird sightings, and more!
Driving through many lands, there are also groups of tribes, known as Maasai, living in these areas where you can see them leading herds of cattle, and are able visit their villages.

By the end of each day out on the range, it is comforting to know you will be welcomed to each of the lodges and tented camps where you are able to relax before heading out to your next adventure.

You have to be in the right place to see the animals and adventures you are looking for which as the saying goes your safari is only as good as your guides, we can offer the best guides in the industry.

Booking your trips through KB’s Travel, we are experienced and have been where you want to go, we have done the research and we are here for you, ready to send you off on your trip of a lifetime, whatever that may be!

We are MORE than a Travel Agent, we are your consultant, we are travelers, we have a passion to help you see the world. Give us a call today.

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